Fireball bromeliad, Nidularium 'Fireball'

A vivid South American Bromeliad

At a glance...
  • A vibrant air plant for terrariums
  • Ideal for hot and humid areas
  • Fairly easy to keep, grow and maintain
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Light your vivarium up with shades of red and orange with this small but bright Bromeliad. Perfect for any humid terrarium.

What is a Fireball bromeliad?

The Fireball bromeliad (also known as Nidularium 'Fireball') is an evergreen air plant native to South America. The plant is beloved by exotic gardeners for its year-round crimson leaves and a stunning purple flower in the summer months. The Fireball bromeliad is an air plant, which means that it doesn’t need to be planted in soil and instead can be placed on any vertical or horizontal surface it can gain purchase on. As a native of tropical South America, this plant favours hot and humid conditions.

Please note: Fireball bromeliads will arrive green and develop red colourings as they mature.

How do you keep a Fireball bromeliad?

Fireball bromeliads are very easy to maintain in the right conditions. They require a good amount of light, lots of heat and even more humidity. The best way to achieve this is to use a vivarium or terrarium that has already been set up to recreate tropical conditions, such as a Dart frog or Crested gecko enclosure.

What is a Fireball bromeliad good for?

Fireball bromeliads add colour and life to any terrarium they are in. As they can be placed anywhere within the enclosure, especially on branches and rough textured walls, they are ideal for brightening dark corners. If you already have a humid vivarium and want to try some exotic gardening, this is a great plant to start with.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Moist but well-drained

Ideal pH

Acidic, neutral

Ideal substrate

Loam and other loose soil

Ideal light

Sheltered, full sun

Country of Origin

South America

Ideal temperature

Above 23C

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