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Swell Premium Croton

Eye-catching premium croton decor for arboreal terrariums

At a glance...
  • Hanging croton plant decor for arboreal terrariums
  • Incredibly realistic artificial design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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The Swell Reptiles Premium Croton plastic plants will create a realistic environment, and ensure that your reptiles have a natural area to shade and hide if needed. These can be placed over hides to create more shade, or hung on the walls with the use of the included suction cup.

As these are artificial, they are easy to clean, to ensure optimum health, and can be used with a mixture of other plants to create a full display to really show off your enclosure. When placed on glass walls, reptiles such as Crested Geckos will ensure sitting and hiding with the leaves, and if placed over a branch on the floor, it creates a great hiding place for species like Leopard Geckos, meaning stress levels are reduced.

These measure at approximately 60cm in length.

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