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  • A striking shrub for terrariums
  • Ideal for hot and humid areas
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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This is a cool and unique plant that will form the centrepiece of many exotic gardener’s collections.

What is a Monkey mask plant?

A Monkey mask plant (also known as Monstera adansonii) is a unique shrub native to Mexico. The Monkey mask plant is named after its distinctive leaves that look a little like a monkey mask, these leaves give it a unique look that helps it stand out from other exotic plants.

As this species is poisonous, we do not advise keeping it in a vivarium with destructive reptiles and instead, we recommend putting it in a plant-only terrarium, greenhouse or a vivarium with reptiles that are unlikely to consume the plant. Monkey mask plants love humidity and heat which allows them to thrive in a greenhouse.

How do you keep a Monkey mask plant?

Monkey mask plants are fairly easy to keep in a planted terrarium or greenhouse. As long as the plant has plenty of heat and humidity, it is unlikely to need much upkeep or maintenance. As a plant that prefers partial shade, it should be kept away from UVC bulbs and other similar equipment.

What is a Monkey mask plant good for?

A Monkey mask plant is an immediately distinctive and impressive part of an exotic gardener's collection. It’s a great choice for gardeners with a high-humidity set-up and it doesn’t require too much attention, making it suitable for amateurs.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Well-drained but moist

Ideal pH


Ideal substrate

Loam and other loose soil

Ideal light

Partial shade

Country of Origin


Ideal temperature

Over 15C

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