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  • A colourful succulent for terrariums
  • Ideal for hot and humid areas
  • Fairly easy to keep, grow and maintain
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A brilliant choice for most exotic greenhouses and vivariums, the Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ looks superb wherever it rests its roots.

What is a Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’?

Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ is a perennial succulent native to Mexico. Unlike many succulents, Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ grows to quite a large size and is quite colourful, with younger leaves taking on a pink hue that fades to cream and green colourings. Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ can be toxic to animals, so it can’t be used in a live vivarium with animals that are likely to eat the plant. However, this plant is ideal for use in a planted terrarium or greenhouse as it loves high heat and humidity.

How do you keep a Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’?

Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ is fairly easy to care for in a greenhouse or terrarium. The plant needs humidity, heat and a gentle airflow to thrive, although it is quite hardy and can cope with occasional dips in each. It likes a good amount of light, with a little shade during intense periods of sunshine. Overall, if you have a suitable terrarium or greenhouse your Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ should be able to grow fairly easily.

What is a Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ good for?

While Hoya carnosa ‘tricolor’ isn’t suitable for vivariums, it makes an ideal addition to many tropical greenhouses and terrariums. The plant is large enough to fill a good amount of space and its bright colours are immediately eye-catching.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture


Ideal pH


Ideal substrate

Loam or similar loose soil

Ideal light

Full sun

Country of Origin

Eastern Asia and Australia

Ideal temperature

Above 15C

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