Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets

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Make the most of the live-giving light generated by your reptile lighting by directing more of it down towards your reptile using these handy and inexpensive Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets, sold at the best price by Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets consist off a high quality steel reflector and a wire mesh.

They are made as addition to the Thermo Socket lamp holder sets.

The reflector can be placed between the two lamp holder pieces.

Available in two sizes.

  • Small for spot lamps up to 75W.
  • Large as extra long reflector for compact and mercury vapour lamps.

Product Specification

Product Notes Size
Lucky Reptile Reflector Set - Small for Thermo Socket 14.5cm x 13cm ( DxH)
Lucky Reptile Reflector Set - Large for Thermo Socket 14.5cm x 19cm (DxH)

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