ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket

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New from ProRep, this Ceramic Lamp Holder with mounting bracket gives you an easy to use and install bulb holder, that will take up to 300w of heat through, keeping your pet toasty warm all the time. This is recommend to be used with a thermostat for maximum safety.


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Product Information

This Ceramic Holder can take up to 300w of heat, from a normal bulb or a ceramic bulb. This is a lot higher than other standard holders, giving you greater flexibility for what bulbs you can use with this holder.

It also comes with a mounting bracket, making this easy to install into your vivarium, and comes with screws included. There is a 12 month guarantee included on the holder, making this the best choice for your reptile heating and lighting needs.

ProRep recommend to use a guard and thermostat with this holder, due to the high heat that can be obtained from it. In order to help with the safety of the enclosure, this holder also comes equipped with a 2m silicone cable, meaning the 300w of heat won't cause any damage to the wiring itself.

Manufactured to EU safety standards, this will take any standard E27 screw fitting bulb, and is compatible with all the ProRep Guards, making it the ideal choice flexibility for future uses.

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