Food Supplements

You can use these Reptile Food Supplements to bring their vitamin and mineral intake back to optimum levels, with a little help from Swell Reptile's low prices.

Most of these food supplements are added to your reptile's diet much like a condiment or salad dressing: simply toss your pet's food in the supplement to coat it with the nutrient and vitamin rich substance. For example: Komodo Bearded Dragon Vegetable Diet, simply toss vegetables in the powder to add vitamins A, D3 and E, as well as herbs to the meal, making it extra nutritious and even tastier than normal - no complaints from your reptile there!

Aquatic reptiles aren't left out either - If you have a turtle try the Zoo Med Floating Turtle Bone to add an essential calcium boost to it's diet. The cuttle-bone floats in the water for your pet to gnaw on as she needs to boost shell growth and egg formation.

Take a browse through this superb selection of supplements to find the ones that will best invigorate your reptile's health and life.