Reptile UV Bulb/Lamps

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Why Does My Reptile Require UV Light?

UV light, generally received by your reptile in abundance in the wild is needed by your scaly friend for several different reasons:

UVB light is needed by your reptile to allow the production of Vitamin D3 in their bodies. This essential vitamin is used up in the adaption of calcium in the creation and regeneration of your reptile's bones, and in the case of turtles and tortoises - their hard shell. Without it, it can lead to problems like Metabolic Bone Disease or "soft shell" problems in tortoises, which can be fatal if left untreated.

UVA light is also contained within the UV spectrum given off by some bulbs, and it is used by your reptile in the development of healthy eyes, skin, scales and helps to bolster their immune system.

We have a range of lamps and bulbs to suit all manner of scaly friends and keep them in the best of health. Choose the correct light fitting to make sure that your lighting system is just right for your pet.

Depending on where your reptile's species originates from, will mean they require a different intensity of UV Light, so research is needed to get the correct amount:

  • Desert reptiles such as Bearded Dragons require around 10% - 12% UV
  • Rainforest reptiles tend to require around 5% UV
  • Other reptiles might only require a little: 2%

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