Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand

A compact and easy-to-install lighting setup

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  • Strong and sturdy lamp stand made of high-quality components
  • Adjustable to suit many different types of enclosures
  • Capable of suspending a variety of lamps and bulbs
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What is this Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand?

This Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand is a compact, easy-to-install unit that can provide an optimised lighting setup for many different types of enclosures. Thanks to its flexible design, you can adjust it to an angle that suits your enclosure and use it to suspend a wide variety of lamps and bulbs.

How do I install this Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand?

This Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand has two different attachment options. Once you've built the stand and attached it to the base unit, you can either use its sticky back to adhere it to an outside surface of your enclosure, or you can screw it onto an outside surface using the screw points in each corner of the base unit (screws sold separately).

To keep your wiring tidy, this Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand comes with five plastic clips that you can run your wiring through. It also comes with two extra poles that allow you to extend the length of your lighting setup. And if that wasn't enough, there are two rubber washers included too. These are designed to hold your lamp/bulb holder in place and prevent it from slipping.


Product Specifications

Product Approx Height When Built Suitable For
Swell Adjustable Lamp Stand 41cm Small to Medium-Sized Enclosures
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