Swell Ceramic Lamp Holder

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Purpose built to meet the demands of the higher wattage heat bulbs, such as ceramic heat emitters and heat lamps, the Swell Ceramic Lamp Holder is constructed from a hardwearing ceramic material that won't melt as plastic fittings can.


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Product Information

Unique and exclusive to Swell Reptiles, the Swell Ceramic Lamp Holder is a high quality sturdy fitting for ceramic heat emitters and heat lamps for reptiles. Made to a high industry standard, these Ceramic Lamp Holders give you peace of mind, knowing their design means they wont melt or burn when used correctly.

Because it is sourced by Swell Reptiles, it favours well in comparison to other major brands, especially when it comes down to price: you won't find a cheaper model easily!

Each lamp holder comes with approximately two metres of cable and is ready fitted with a three pin plug, so all you have to do is install your chosen screw fitting heat lamp, such as a Swell Ceramic Heat Emitter, and relax.

This fitting has a max load of 200 watt.

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