Swell Coconut Flower Stem

Give your aquarium/vivarium a natural look

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  • For blackwater aquariums or reptile enclosures
  • Pack contains four Coconut Flower Stems
  • 100% natural and sustainably harvested
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What are Swell Coconut Flower Stems?

Swell Coconut Flower Stems are 100% natural and sustainably harvested. Add these natural products to your aquarium/vivarium to create a natural look that both you and your beloved pets will enjoy.

Swell Coconut Flower Stems, like other botanicals, have a number of benefits when placed inside an aquarium, including:

  • Supply important humins that plants use to grow
  • Naturally tan water, creating a ‘blackwater effect’ that simulates wild-like conditions
  • Gently decrease pH, making water more suitable for certain species
  • Tanning agents released have anti-microbial properties, promoting better health and vitality
  • Serve as a breeding ground for microfauna readily eaten by small predatory fish, shrimps, and crabs

How do I add Swell Coconut Flower Stems to an aquarium?

Prior to placing Coconut Flower Stems in your aquarium, it’s a good idea to boil them in fresh water. This will remove any lingering bacteria and waterlog them, increasing the chances that it’ll sink when you finally add it to your aquarium.

After boiling your Coconut Flower Stems, strain them and then add them to your aquarium. If pre-boiled, or left for a day or two, the Coconut Flower Stems will sink and start to release humins and tanning agents.

As a natural product, Coconut Flower Stems won’t last forever and they will slowly start to break down and lose their effectiveness. It’s recommended that you replace your Coconut Flower Stems once they start to break down. This pack contains 4 Coconut Flower Stems.

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