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Cyber Week Sale Now On + Get up to £12 extra off - SHOP NOW >

At a glance...
  • Transport box for lizards small and large
  • Lots of air holes offer constant ventilation
  • Also works as a reptile quarantine or live food habitat
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This is perfect for vet visits and cleaning, I would recommend it to all reptile keepers.

What is a Swell Reptiles Deluxe Faunarium?

Swell Reptiles Deluxe Faunarium is the perfect reptile transport box for moving and quarantining reptiles as well as keeping live food. While transport boxes aren't big enough for constant reptile habitation, they will give your pet plenty of room to move around and help them feel safe while you’re on the go. This enclosure can also be used as a permanent home for invertebrates and live food, which need much less space in their enclosures.

Why should I buy a Swell Reptiles Deluxe Faunarium?

If you’re planning to transport a reptile, such as a tortoise or lizards, it’s important that you use a secure reptile transport box. Permanent enclosures are impractical but you do need to ensure your pet has plenty of space to avoid stress whilst allowing for food and heat packs to be kept with them. Reptile transport boxes are designed to hold everything you and your pet will need, while also keeping them secure.

What animals can be kept in a Swell Reptiles Deluxe Faunarium?

In the short term, most lizards and tortoise can be kept in this reptile transport box. However, it will cause some stress over time so the animals should be returned to a larger enclosure. The plastic box is big enough to offer permanent housing to most terrestrial invertebrates, except for the largest tarantulas.

What should I buy with my Swell Reptiles Deluxe Faunarium?

If you are planning to use this faunarium, or any boxes like it, for transport you will need to invest in heat packs and food. If you are planning to use it for quarantining or invertebrate housing you will need to kit it out the same as any enclosure, with substrate, lighting, heating, decor and feeding accessories.

How do I use this box for transporting lizards?

When transporting lizards, make sure that the faunarium is secure and will be carried flat, so your pet can move about with ease. You will need to add a heat pack and plenty of food to your transport box for lizards to ensure the safety of your pet and minimise stress. If you have a problem completing your transport box for lizards you can find plenty of advice on our site in our blog posts.



Material Plastic
Dimensions L:42 x H:17 x W:17cm
Suitable for Transport of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
Door Canopy and feeding hatch
Pre-assembled? Yes
Lockable? No
Handles? Yes
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