Swell Germicidal Tablet

Make sure your enclosure is protected again germs and bad smells

At a glance...
  • Germicidal table keeps terrarium fresh and clean
  • Breaks down bad bacteria and deodorises
  • Comes with installation kit for easy setup
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The Germicidal Tablet is a compact little decive that ensures your vivarium or terrarium stay fresh and clean, by acting as a deodoriser, removing unwanted smells and bad lingers from the vivarium for a fresh and clean smell.

This also acts as a germicides within the enclosure, breaking down bad bacterias to leave it clean and safe. Complete with installation holder, this can be used on the inside of a wooden terrarium or glass viviarium, and just attaches to the side, out of the way, on a neat little holder, with no screws required.

The longevity of the tablet is dependant on the size of the enclosure, but we recommend to replace once a year, unless required sooner.

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