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Swell Juvenile Axolotl Starter Kit - Bronze

A convenient starter kit for juvenile Axolotls

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  • Axolotl starter kits offer convenience for beginners
  • Perfect for juvenile individuals that require less space
  • Contains everything you need to get started
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This kit contains everything you need to get started with your new Axolotl, a perfect choice for beginners!

What is the Swell Juvenile Axolotl Starter Kit - Bronze?

The Swell Juvenile Axolotl Starter Kit is a perfect choice for beginner Axolotl keepers looking to get everything they need for their new pet Axolotl in one go. The kit comes with a 60cm long tank set, in a choice of black or white trim, containing a suitable filter and lighting, along with some substrate, decor, food and water dechlorinator. Please note, that this kit is not suitable for an adult Axolotl, which would need a larger tank size.

What's included in this Axolotl kit?

  • 60cm Aquarium
  • Aquarium filter
  • Aquarium lighting
  • Fine sand substrate
  • Wood decor piece
  • Artificial plants
  • Axolotl food
  • Water dechlorinator

Items shown in the product image are not specific, rather they are a representation of the starter kit contents.

Why should I buy an Axolotl starter kit?

Axolotls, otherwise known as Mexican walking fish or Mexican salamander have recently boomed in popularity, in the aquarium hobby and with amphibian enthusiasts alike, partly due to their inclusion in the video game Minecraft. They make extremely charming pets, have easy-to-meet tank requirements and require minimal tank maintenance when compared with some other aquatic animals.

The most important aspect of an Axolotl tank is floor space, with a minimum space requirement of 90cm (3ft) for an adult Axolotl, 120cm (4ft) for a pair of fully grown adult Axolotls, or 60cm (2ft) for a juvenile Axolotl, making this kit the perfect choice for a growing individual.

How do I set up the Axolotl starter kit?

The aquarium kit comes with helpful instructions on how to set everything up. Before you fill up your Axolotl tank, you will want to add the substrate, which is a fine sand substrate, as Axolotls are likely to digest substrate during feeding times, so their substrate must be fine enough for them to easily pass without blocking their digestive tract.

Once your substrate is in, the fun begins with arranging and decorating the tank. This kit includes a piece of decorative wood, along with two artificial plants to provide cover and enrichment to your Axolotl, how you arrange these pieces is entirely down to you, however.

Now you're all scaped, it's time to add your water, ensuring it is treated with the included dechlorinator. The aquarium should then be cycled for 6-8 weeks, dosing with ammonia (not included) before adding your Axolotl, ensuring you regularly test ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels.

The aquarium is fully cycled when there is no longer any presence of ammonia or nitrites, but you can begin to see the presence of nitrates in the water, which indicates that the beneficial bacteria in your filter is doing its job to convert harmful ammonia and nitrite into the less harmful nitrate.

For more detailed information regarding Axolotl husbandry and set-up, why not take a look through our Axolotl care sheet?

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