Swell Leaf Litter

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These tubs of natural leaf litter (not oak leaves) are perfect for decorating vivarium floors, providing a great natural detail, whilst also providing hiding areas for many species. Completely natural, these will work in both rainforest and dry enclosures.


  • Leaf Litter - OAK
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Product Information

A great natural decorator, these dried leaves are perfect for sprinkling over the floor of either rainforest or dry enclosures, providing natural coverage for smaller creatures, such as dart frogs or small ground lizards.

These are completely safe and toxin free, dried to provide a long lasting leaf that won't break down and compose as quickly. The coverage created will also help custodians, such as Springtails or Woodlice, to thrive in your environment, providing hidey places as well as food when it starts to break down and decompose.

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