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Swell Mantis Display Box

The ideal acrylic enclosure for Mantis and other small invertebrates

At a glance...
  • Display box for mantis and invertebrates
  • Lots of air holes offer constant ventilation
  • Made from durable and easy to clean acrylic
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Realy happy with this, perfect for keeping my Jumping Spider.

What is a Swell Reptiles Mantis Display Box?

The Swell Reptiles Mantis Display Box is designed to be the perfect terrarium for real insects like juvenile tarantulas, Jumping spiders and Praying mantis. The box is made of acrylic, which is tough and durable, with lots of air holes for constant cross-ventilation. The box has a magnetic canopy, for further ventilation and easy feeding. The Swell Reptiles Mantis Display Box comes pre-built and ready to use.

Why should I buy a Swell Reptiles Mantis Display Box?

If you want to create a spectacular invertebrate enclosure, the Swell Reptiles Mantis Display Box is ideal. The box looks minimalist and it is big enough to accommodate reptile substrate and several pieces of reptile decoration, as well as a large insect like a Praying mantis. The box also makes a good travel enclosure for your invertebrates and real insects as it is lightweight, so it’s great for when you need your pets to come with you on the go.

Is this display box made of acrylic material?

Yes, the entire display box is made from high-quality acrylic, which is perfect for an insect enclosure as it is durable and easy to clean. The acrylic is transparent, creating a glass-like effect, however, you can give the enclosure a more 'green' appearance by collecting natural decoration and other items to guarantee your pet insects feel more at home and have plenty to explore.

What animal type can be kept in this display box?

This display box is specifically designed to hold real insects like Praying mantis and similar invertebrates that don't require much space. Other animals, such as reptiles and amphibians, are not suitable to be kept in an enclosure like this, we would recommend that you purchase a much larger terrarium if you would like to keep these animals.

Can the Mantis Display Box be used as a taxidermy display gift box?

While you could technically use this model as a display gift box we would advise against it as the enclosure hasn't been designed for taxidermy. There is nowhere within the enclosure for an insect to be mounted and you are likely to find it hard to set up a taxidermy display due to the high-quality acrylic construction. We recommend looking for a purpose-built taxidermy display gift box that will work correctly and offer taxidermy features, like space for an information card, that will give your display gift box a professional look.

What else do I need to buy with the Mantis Display Box?

While invertebrates tend to need far less hardware than reptiles and amphibians, you may still need to buy a heater, light or humidifier, depending on the needs of your pet. If you’re unsure what you’ll need to look after your invertebrate we have lots of helpful tips in our livestock section.



Material Acrylic
Dimensions H:20 x W:10 x D:12cm
Suitable for Mantis and invertebrates
Door Magnetic canopy
Pre-assembled? Yes
Lockable? No
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