The Spider Shop Arboreal Keepers

Arboreal keeper for smaller invertebrates, including spiderlings and mantis nymphs

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  • Arboreal Keeper for spiderlings and mantis nymphs
  • Pre-built and ready to use
  • Comes in a range of sizes
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Available in two sizes, the Arboreal Keeper is a purpose-built arboreal enclosure that is perfect for arboreal spiderlings and mantis nymphs. This comes in a standard and XL size and is comprised of a two-piece design that includes ventilation on the top as well as adjustable side vents to aid with crossflow air.

These side vents can be opened and closed to suit, based on humidity requirements of certain species, and when open encourage an excellent airflow and reduce stagnant air. This features a pluggable feeding hatch in the top, meaning food can be easily introduced without disturbing web nests, and also massively reducing the risk of escapees!

The Standard size is 10.4cm in height, and 6.5cm in diameter, whilst the larger XL size is 20cm in height, and 12cm in diameter.

Ideal for arboreal species, such as Pink Toes or Pokies, as well as jumping spiders and praying mantids! Best used with a gentle fine spray to add water, try The Spider Shop Atomiser Mister.

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