Swell Natural Coco Planter

An exotic decoration with many uses

At a glance...
  • Natural dried coconut for planting and decoration
  • Protects live plants from pets
  • Holds water well and can be used as a water bowl
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The Natural Coco Planter is a real coconut, emptied and dried, and as such each one will vary in size and shape. These can be used as hides, caves, water bowls, or for planting into, and add some stunning real life natural decoration to your enclosure.

Harvested naturally and dried without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, these are completely safe, and give a naturalistic look to your enclosure, both arid and forest set ups. They will hold water easily, and so can be used as a water bowl, though we would recommend to include some stones/pebbles to create a safe escape for smaller species, as it can be quite deep. Alternatively, it can be placed on the side, to create a hide away, ideal for frogs and other smaller species, or just used to grow larger plants, encouraging natural humidity within your terrarium.

These are a completely natural product, and as such each will vary. Approximate size is - 12-16 cm x 10-14cm

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