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Red Leg Running Frogs are a group living species of amphibian found in west Africa. Their habitats are grass land and rain forests where they are often found in bushes or trees. These frogs are greyish brown with darker markings on their body and red patches on their sides. Being amphibious this species cannot be handled, as contact with our skin can cause discomfort and long term damage. Despite this, they are active and can live in groups, all great qualities that make them interesting pets!


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Red Leg Running Frogs are a fascinating species that are able to be kept in small groups, though it is essential that enough space is available for all individuals to escape one another and have sufficient feeding, heat and cover opportunity. For a group of 2 - 3 toads you would be looking at a minimum of 60 x 45 x 60 cm. Within this space it is recommended to have a significant amount of cover in the form of rocks, caves, cork bark, branches and leaf litter. These frogs will utilize terrestrial space as well as arboreal space so it is important to provide some forms of climbing in the structure of your tank. A large water bowl should be provided so the frogs can soak and swim sufficiently. Any water going into the tank, including this water area will need to be de-chlorinated, which can be done with a liquid additive such as ZooMeds Reptisafe. Chlorine has a drying effect on amphibian skin, so normal tap water can 'burn' the frogs and cause damage. This will also be relevant in misting the enclosure.

To provide sufficient heating and lighting for these animals, you will first start with a warm area of 26C - at the highest section of the enclosure. This is best reached with a basking bulb or ceramic heat emitter - either of which will need attaching to the relevant thermostat to ensure the safety of the animals. the cooler areas of the tank can remain 18-22C. Night time temperatures can drop to 15C - which will mimic a drop in temperature that would naturally be experienced in a wild setting. All temperatures should be consistently monitored using an accurate digital thermometer. Red Leg Running Frogs would also naturally be exposed to UVB and this is an important addition to your enclosure, boosting health and well-being as well as creating a more natural environment. Good examples of relevant bulbs are Arcadia's Shade Dweller or 6% T5 (The strength depending on the height of your enclosure). UV will be used in a 12 hour cycle, going off as the temperature drops and the bulbs will also need replacing after 6-12 month (lifespan depending on bulb and brand). After the specified lifespan, the bulb may still glow, but the UV would have deteriorated.

High humidity is also vital in your frog set up and should be between 60 - 80% - this being measured with an accurate digital hygrometer. Regular misting and/or the use of a fogger, to ensure the tank doesn't dry out will help get the humidity where it needs to be. Remember this water will also need de-chlorinating. Live plants and moss can also be great contributors to this humidity.

Red Leg Running Frogs are insectivores and will be fed on a good variety of crickets, locust, calci worms and flies. Gut loading in conjunction with dusting with good quality calcium, D3 and multivitamin supplements in an alternating cycle will mean the frogs receive all the required nutrients from the live food. Vitamin A is also vital to frogs specifically and plays a big part in vision, skin health and tissue growth - essential for an amphibian which can be prone to neurological issues.

Swell SuperStore Red Leg Running Frogs:

  • Current Age/Size - Adult- 2 - 3 inches approx
  • Adult Expected Size - Around 3 inches
  • Habitat - Grassland, scrub land, Rain forest in eastern Africa
  • Required Enclosure Size - 60 x 45 x 60 cm (2 - 3 frogs)
  • UV Lighting - 2 - 3 UVI (7% Shade Dweller or 6% T5 - Depending on the height of the enclosure)
  • Expected Lifespan - 10 - 15 Years
  • Temperature Gradient - 20 - 26C
  • Humidity Levels - 60 - 80%
  • Feeding - Insectivore - Live food such as crickets, locust, calci worms and flies
  • Handling - Cannot be handled, as contact with our skin can cause discomfort and long term damage

If you like the look of these animals, and would like any further information, please call the shop directly on 0161 351 4705, or contact them for more images or information at shop@swelluk.com.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are looking to purchase a particular animal we would require photos of the set up the animal will be going in. Photos should include one of the whole set up and one of the lighting detailing uv strengths and temps as well as thermostat. We would recommend you provide these before travelling to us, via email.

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