Tarantula Room Rehousing Tube

Tube that will allow you to transfer spiders with ease

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  • Causes no stress or hassle
  • Allows you to easily transfer spiders
  • Fitted with a 'blow' vent for ventilation
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What is Tarantula Room Rehousing Tube?

The Tarantula Room Rehousing Tube is a quick and simple way to transfer your tarantulas from one vivarium to another with ease, reducing the risk of the spider escaping or you getting bitten. Moving enclosures can be a stressful experience for any pet, and tarantulas can become aggressive or even run, and as they can be particularly fast, there is a risk of the tarantula escaping the enclosure completely and getting lost, but the Rehousing Tube is a fantastic solution to this issue. Although highly recommended to be used when moving your spider to a new enclosure, this Rehousing Tube is also very handy when you need to clean out your spider's vivarium, as they can be moved into another container while you are cleaning out their home.

Key Features:

  • Reduces chances of a spider escaping
  • Makes the transfer less stressful for tarantulas
  • Well ventilated to keep your spider safe
  • Opens at both ends for easier transfer
  • Safer than household alternatives
  • Great for use when cleaning out vivarium

How do I rehouse my tarantula?

Tarantulas need to be kept in containers or vivariums that are appropriate for their size, as if they are kept in a large container from being very small, they will have a very difficult time catching their food, and if their enclosure is to small it may stunt the growth of your spider, causing potential health issues. Suitable for small-medium spider species, the rehousing tube makes this process simple. One of the most important things to remember is not to attempt the transfer if the spider seems agitated or behaves aggressively, as this can make the process far more difficult and stressful. The Rehousing Tube is simple to use, by just removing one of the two removable ends and placing it quickly directly down over your spider, and sealing it back up with the cap after your spider moves further into the tube, to prevent escapes. After this it is as simple as opening the end so they can walk into their new enclosure when it is ready. It is important to move slowly and prepare for a potential escape if the spider runs away, and your spider may take a few weeks to settle into their new enclosure, but this is perfectly normal.

Why should I buy the Tarantula Room Rehousing Tube?

Moving a tarantula from one enclosure to another can be a stressful experience for both you and the spider, and as the majority of species will need to be moved multiple times as they grow before they reach their adult stage and move to their permanent home. The Tarantula Room Rehousing Tube is a fantastic way to make this experience far easier and less stressful and is far better than using household items to contain the tarantula during the transfer, as the rehousing tube opens at both ends, and is fitted with a 'blow' tube for adequate ventilation if your tarantula needs to stay in the tube a short amount of time during the transfer, keeping them as safe as possible. This tube is also perfect if you need to move your spider during a routine cleaning of their vivarium, which can also cause them a lot of unnecessary stress.

Measurements (L x W x H) 30 x 4 x 6cm
Suitable For: Small to medium tarantula species
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