The Spider Shop Bugs Starter Kit

A complete bug care starter kit

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  • A complete starter kit for bug care
  • Contains all the equipment needed
  • Faunarium and substrate included
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The Spider Shop Bugs kits is ideal for Millipedes, Roaches and Isopods, especially those who thrive on good quality substrate as this is mostly what their diet is comprised of, and their diet can be supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruit (Millipedes love cucumber and Isopods love swede) and specialist insects diets like Insect Jelly, Roach Diet and Custodian Fuel.

The Kit includes a Large Faunarium for housing, as well as two 3ltr bags of Millipede Mulch substrate, a rich soil substrate that provides optimum nutrition for them as well. Also included is Sphagnum Moss, to aid with humidity within the enclosure, as well as Cork Bark to provide a hiding area. There is also a feeding dish and an Atomiser Mister, for a gentle ultra-fine spray to add extra humidity into the set-up.

Ideally produced for many species of Millipedes, this is also a great set-up for Cockroaches, and also other Isopods, such a Pill Bugs and Woodlice. Why not add a specific diet for your Bug of choice, with The Spider Shop Milli-Mix Diet, Roach Mix or Snail-Mix Diet, to ensure optimum health of your new pet!

This Kit Contains:

  • Large Faunarium
  • 2 x Millipede Substrate
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Cork Bark
  • Feeding Dish
  • Atomiser Mister
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