VivExotic Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Large Deep Grey

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With plenty of space for moving around, this VivExotic Viva+ Terrestrial Large Deep Vivarium can cater for the needs of larger land-based reptiles like bearded dragons, giving them space to bask, hide and roam at their leisure. Top quality stuff from VivExotic, sold at low prices by Swell Reptiles.


  • Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium Large Deep Grey
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Product Information

Why a Deeper Vivarium?

If you are looking for a great terrestrial vivarium to become a fantastic feature point for any room, then you don't need to look further than the Large & Deep Viva+ Terrestrial Vivarium with stunning Greywood finish.

It's a full 12cm deeper (width) than the next size down and is the biggest terrestrial Viv we sell until you begin to look at modular vivariums. Its 115cm x 61cm x 50cm (LxDxH) in size, giving larger reptiles more turning space in their home. More freedom for your reptiles often means they have more room to exhibit their natural behaviour, getting the best performances from your little friend. The extra room also means you have more space to create a truly striking landscape and feature point to really impress visitors as well as your reptile.


With such a big vivarium, ventilation is has to be perfect, and Vivexotic have put years of their hard-won experience into the ventilation in this large-deep vivarium, and have included their "Front Flow" and "Easy vent" systems.

Front Flow means this vivarium has a line of vents that stretch the full 115cm of the vivarium across the front, offering a superb supply of cooling fresh air into the viv. They are designed in a way that means they aren't likely to clog up with substrate either, so you can include more when you are building your landscape.

Easy Vent is a new system that gets rid of the difficulties inherent in cable-tidying: They leave enough space for your cables do you don't need to worry about securing the roof of the vivarium.


Your reptile's wellbeing is paramount to Vivexotic, so this stunning vivarium is as functional as it is beautiful: The extra-long viewing panels are made of toughened safety glass and the new Slide-stopper means that your reptile can't go for solo-missions out of the vivarium without your knowledge. Easy safety!


115cm (3ft, 9")62cm (2ft, 0")50cm (1ft, 7")

Finish: Grey wood effect

Ventilation: "Front Flow" vents and rear 'Easy Vent' system.

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