Zoo Med Mango Tropical Fruit Mix In

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This Zoo Med Mango Tropical Fruit Mix In features a natural sauce and can be mixed in with your fruit loving reptile's every day diet, making it even tastier and nutritious than ever - the easy way to ensure your reptile's diet is at it's best.


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Product Information

Made from simple ingredients of natural origin, this Zoo Med Mango Tropical Fruit Mix-In is perfect for treating reptiles such as iguanas, geckos and turtles, as well as inverts like hermit crabs to a little more fruit in their diet.

Although fruit shouldn't make up more than around 20% of your reptile's diet (species dependent), a little fructose and the accompanying vitamins is a great little treat, and this is sometimes the best way to give it to them - mixed in with their food.


Mango, water, vegetable oil, guar gum, potassium chloride.

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