Zoo Med Paludarium 45 x 45 x 90cm

Paludarium suitable for Crested geckos, Tree frogs and other arboreal geckos

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  • Ideal for holding water in the bottom and setting up a terrarium above
  • Removable mesh top and front opening door for great ventilation
  • 45 x 45 x 90cm
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Paludariums are ideal for holding water in the bottom, whilst having a stunning glass terrarium set up above, but can also be used for a very deep substrate base as well. This measures at 90cm tall, and just 45cm wide and 45cm deep, and comes equipped with a removable mesh top for easy heating and providing UV if needed, as well as great ventilation. The single open door takes up just over half the height, so there is a great deep base that is completely watertight!

Available in a smaller size too, this is ideal to create an environment of "canopy", "land" and "water" across the height of the enclosure. This is ideal for forest species, and looks fantastic when set up with live plants. Another use though, could be a great deep substrate filling the 10G capacity at the bottom, and using it for burrowing species instead!

Zoo Med offer a full range of Paludarium accessories, including filters and heaters, to make this the perfect set up. Also, there is a brilliant Paludarium Platform, for providing a substrate later and building up for your water feature at the bottom.

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