Zoo Med Repti Rock Corner Dish

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Make the most of your available space in your terrarium or vivarium using this Zoo Med Repti Rock Corner Dish - it features a flush 90 degree corner that will fit snuggly in the corner of your reptile home, leaving more space for your pet to move around in.


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Product Information

Zoo Med are reptile experts through and through, and there's a lot more going on than meets the eyes with their Repti-Rock Corner Dish range!

Made from a non-toxin resin, this authentic looking rock pool is perfect for your reptile to drink from, especially terrestrial reptiles. Because it is non-porous and non-toxin, it will neither retain water in its' structure and harbour bacteria, nor will it leach toxins into your pet's drinking water. They are easy to clean too!

It is incredibly hard-wearing and robust, making it difficult to damage or crack, even in the potentially harsh conditions inside your reptile's vivarium or terrarium. Zoo Med have even made sure these Repti-Rock corner bowls look exactly like a rock pool too, making it a contributor to the natural look of your reptile's habitat.

Each is cornered off at a 90 degree angle too, meaning it will neatly fit into the corner of your viv, saving space and making it more difficult for your reptile to knock over.

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