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Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Food Dish

Reptile dish designed to withstand the hard environment in a vivarium or terrarium

At a glance...
  • Versatile reptile food dish
  • 4 sizes to suit a variety of different reptile species
  • Made to look like natural rock
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Available in 4 different sizes, from Small to Extra Large to suit a variety of reptile's and their appetites, these Zoo Med Repti Rock Feeding Dishes are made from coloured resin designed to look like natural rock platforms for your reptile's favourite foods.

Having a natural look in your reptile's habitat not only makes your reptile feel more at home, but allows you to create stunningly accurate reptile environments, and these feeding dishes can help with that.

Repti Rocks are made from Non-Toxin resin, meaning that even the environment in your reptile vivarium or terrarium will be hot and possibly very humid too, this feeding dish won't degrade or leach toxin's into your reptile's living space.

They feature a non-porous seal, so they won't harbour bacteria either!

  • Small: 140 x 125mm
  • Medium: 185 x 150mm
  • Large: 260 x 190mm
  • Extra Large: 320 x 230mm

*Please note that the colour may vary from the illustration.

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