ProRep Easy Clean Pool

Water bowl with attractive natural design

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  • High-quality and durable water dish
  • Easy to clean resin bowl
  • Three sizes available to suit your reptile setup
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Reptile keeping can get messy, especially when it comes to their water dish, with large bodies of water likely to be fouled by your pet, as well as loose substrate often becoming clumped and soggy inside it, and a great way to combat this problem is to use a ProRep Easy Clean Pool - a great water dish with a semi-natural look and a smooth, sealed surface that makes it easy to clean.

Available in 3 different sizes to suit different situations, each ProRep Easy Clean Pool is made from a non-porous, moulded resin that is sealed to not allow moisture to soak in and making particles or substrate or reptile waste unlikely to stick to it.

Size Dimensions
Small 11cm x 2cm x 8cm 
Medium 15cm x 2cm x 10cm 
Large 19cm x 4cm x 14cm
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