ProRep Snake Life 10ltrs

Substrates for Snakes that do not need high-humidity environments

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  • Wood substrate suitable for Snakes
  • Low dust and resinous oils content
  • Dust-free and highly absorbent
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This substrate is very popular with snake owners due to its great absorbency and low odours. It is produced from a sustainable wood source, and is very low in dust, unlike some other dry substrates.

It has been dried at high temperatures which makes it safe for any species that does not need any humidity in their environment. It also has the ability to absorb any spills very effectively, making it great for messy snakes! This also means that odours and reduced and it is very easy to spot clean as required.

Due to its soft composition, this substrate is ideal for diggers, such as Sand Boas, as it wont have any of the sharp edges of Aspen.


  • Spread over the base of the enclosure at a depth of around 3-5cm, depending on the species.
  • Spot clean as required.
  • Replace whenever heavily soiled or wet.
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