Zoo Med Reptivite without D3

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Zoo Med Reptivite without D3 is a vitamin and mineral supplement for reptiles to be added to their food for health and happiness. This version doesn


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Product Information

Zoo Med Reptivite is a reptile food supplement that can make a huge difference to the life and health of your reptile. Originally part of a programme commissioned by San Diego Zoo, Reptivite contains a 2:1 Calcium to phosphorous ratio, no artificial additives and can help your reptile develop healthy bones (and shells for tortoises and turtles) due to the calcium content, providing they are getting plenty of vitamin D3 from another source.

It features 16 different Amino Acids to aid protein digestion too, and should be fed along with your reptile's food about 2-3 times weekly.

Zoo Med have kept things natural, and this Reptivite doesn't contain any yeast, soy or sucrose.

Additional Information:

  • Use 2-3 times weekly on your reptile's food.
  • Reptivite without D3, on food: Dust lightly over vegetables, fruits or turtle paste.
  • Reptivite without D3, on insects: Dust lightly over insects.

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