Aqua One Azalea Natural Wood

A natural aquarium wood centrepiece for your freshwater aquarium

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  • Natural Azalea root wood for freshwater aquariums and biotopes
  • 100% natural and completely unique
  • Available in a range of sizes for all pets to enjoy
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What is Aqua One Azalea Natural Wood?

Aqua One Azalea Natural Wood is specially dried and treated azalea root for use in aquariums. Azalea roots add depth to both planted and non-planted aquariums by creating a natural environment filled with hiding places and swimming channels. It's the perfect piece of decor for both freshwater tropical and cold water aquariums as it stimulates aquatic life, particularly fry and small fish.

The azalea root releases some natural tannins too, so it can be used in soft water biotopes as an ornamental centrepiece and natural food source.

Please note: Any wood shown in the images is for illustration purposes only as each of the azalea roots has a unique shape and size.

What is the difference between the Aqua One Azalea Natural Wood products?

This stunning Aqua One azalea root comes in a choice of sizes, though as each piece is a completely natural product and unique, all dimensions are approximate. Some might be more square in shape, some longer and thinner, but each adds its' own wow factor to your aquarium. We sort the wood into five approximate sizes; small, medium, large, extra large and 2XL.



Brand Aqua One


Product SKU Average Size
Azalea Root 20-30cm 30575 20-30cm
Azalea Root 30-40cm 30576 30-40cm
Azalea Root 40-50cm 30577 40-50cm
Azalea Root 50-60cm 30578 50-60cm
Azalea Root 60-75cm 30579 60-75cm
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