BiOrb Earth Root

The heart of your BiOrb Air or Earth terrarium

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  • Superb decoration for both arid and humid terrariums
  • Versatile design helps shedding animals
  • Made from easy to clean resin
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While it looks brilliant, the best thing about the Earth Root is how good it is for shedding animals.

What is BiOrb Earth Root?

BiOrb Earth Root is a terrarium decoration for both humid and arid terrariums designed by British artist Sam Baker after he was inspired by a natural tropical forest canopy. Made up of a series of rough vertical branches, this ornament is ideal for shedding species as they will be able to use it to help them during a shed. The entire ornament is made for high-quality resin which is reptile-safe and very easy to clean.

Why should I buy a BiOrb Earth Root?

If you’ve ever seen an animal go through a difficult shed you know how important it is to give them the tools they need to get through it. This BiOrb Earth Root is perfect for encouraging shedding behaviours while also blending in with the design of your terrarium. The design displays BiOrb’s iconic combination of naturalism and minimalism, making it an instant centrepiece for any enclosure. The BiOrb Earth Root has been specifically designed to complement the design of the BiOrb Earth 125 smart terrarium and the rest of the BiOrb range. This ornament is versatile too as it can be used in an aquarium or outside to complete a natural look anywhere.

Can this ornament be used in a BiOrb aquarium or outside in fresh air?

Yes, the BiOrb Earth Root ornament can be used in BiOrb aquariums and outside if you wish. The ornament has been treated to withstand even the harshest conditions and will look great alongside any natural plants and other ornaments or decorations. This ornament is also safe to use in a high-humidity environment, such as a BiOrb terrarium with a water reservoir and ultrasonic mister. The protection extends to light damage, so you can expect the ornament to keep its colour for longer, even when exposed to daylight from the sun.

Does this model blend in with exotic plants?

This ornament has been specially designed with exotic plants in mind so you can be certain that it will complement any exotic species, blending in with ease. This ornament will even blend in with plant roots and carnivorous plants, forming the heart of any natural planted area.

Does the BiOrb Earth Root have a replaceable carbon filter?

No, this ornament doesn't have a replaceable carbon filter and isn't designed to perform any sort of filtration or air circulation. However, this ornament can be placed with plants which will increase air circulation within an enclosure.

Can I use BiOrb Earth Root in my enclosure?

Yes, although the BiOrb Earth Root has been designed for BiOrb enclosures, such as BiOrb Air smart terrariums, it is still suitable for any terrarium. This ornament can be used in both humid and arid enclosures, making it the perfect addition to any terrarium or vivarium.





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L:18.2 x W:13.7 x H:23.5cm

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