Exo Terra Stone Desert Substrate Ocher

Create desert or savannah landscapes

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  • Natural ocher desert soil substrate that allows animal digging behaviour
  • Allows you to create outcrops, tunnels and burrows
  • Available in 5 kg and 10 kg bags
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The Exo Terra Stone Desert mimics the natural soil found in arid regions, like deserts or savannahs. Most desert soils are not purely sand-based but rather a combination of sand, decomposed granite and clay resulting in an interesting and sometimes colourful rock formations.

Exo Terra's Stone Desert allows you to create your own desert or savannah landscape, including cool-humid burrows as well as warmer elevated basking areas. Lightly moisten the stone desert substrate to shape naturalistic hills, burrows and basking platforms for your animals. Once dry, the stone desert will retain its shape, while still allowing your reptiles to further execute their natural digging and burrowing behaviour.

This natural substrate style, whilst allows a naturalistic digging and burrowing activity from your reptiles, really ensures they are living at their best, and able to enjoy every part of their environment.

Available in 5kg and 10kg bags, and also available in Red and Black colourings as well, which can be mixed to your own design.

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