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  • Grows to a max size of ~30cm
  • Temperature range: 14.5-20.5°C
  • Oddball amphibian, excellent choice for species-only set-up
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Everything you need to know about Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotls, at a glance:

  • Common Names: Mexican Salamander, Mexican Walking Fish
  • Scientific Name: Ambystoma mexicanum
  • Max Size: 25-30cm
  • Temperature Range: 14.5°-20.5°C
  • pH Range: 6.5-8.0 (7.5 ideal)
  • Compatibility: Generally solitary animals, should be kept in a species-only aquarium
  • Area Of Origin: Mexico
  • Suitable Foods: Live foods, especially earthworms
  • Special Requirements: Low lighting, avoid gravel substrates, at least 75 litres per Axolotl

What is a Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotl?

Axolotls, or Ambystoma mexicanum, are unique-looking salamanders native to several lakes around Mexico City, Mexico. They’re fully aquatic salamanders that spend their entire lives in a ‘larval’ stage, retaining their distinctive feathery gills through adulthood.

This golden colour morph is a rare variety of Axolotl, with a golden back and belly, slightly translucent tail, red eyes and red/pink gills. There are many different colour morphs available, from wild-type forms like Brown Axolotls, to striking forms like these Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotls.

In the wild, Axolotls are critically endangered, with a population of only 50-1,000 adult individuals left. They’ve thrived in the aquarium trade, however, and are readily available from aquatic retailers across the UK thanks to the fact that they’re quite easy to breed.

Axolotls are known for their ability to regenerate their limbs. But did you know they can also regenerate their gills, eyes, and even parts of their brains?

How do I care for a Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotl?

Just like other Axolotls, Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotls require a moderate level of care and, as a result, aren’t a great choice for beginner aquarists. They’re quite sensitive to changing water parameters and need to be kept in a large aquarium (at least 75 litres per Axolotl) that’s equipped with a powerful filter capable of maintaining pristine water quality.

Axolotls don’t require a heater in their aquarium and prefer to be kept at cool temperatures between 14.5 and 20.5°C. These kinds of temperatures aren’t too difficult to maintain year-round, but during particularly hot summer days you may need to cool down your aquarium with an electric fan or specialist aquarium chiller.

An important thing to consider when caring for Axolotls is what type of substrate you keep them on. A bare-bottomed aquarium, or one covered in a layer of fine sand is best, while gravel should be avoided. This is because Axolotls are prone to intestinal impaction and will regularly swallow things that are far too big for their digestive systems to pass, like gravel and small stones.

Lighting is another important thing to consider when caring for Axolotls. These aquatic salamanders don’t have eyelids, so their eyes are highly sensitive to sustained high lighting. For this reason, choose a dimmable aquarium light and/or cover the surface of your aquarium in a layer of floating plants to create a shady canopy.

In the wild, Axolotls will feed on almost anything that can fit in their mouths, from worms and insects to fish and other salamanders. In captivity, they’re fed readily available live foods, like earthworms, bloodworms, and brine shrimp, as well as specialist pellets that offer them a complete and balanced diet.

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How do you acclimate a Golden Red Eye Albino Axolotl to an aquarium?

Acclimation is the process of gradually adjusting an animal to its new environment. This is especially important in an aquatic setting as sudden changes in water temperature, pH, and nitrates can cause an animal stress, illness and, in some cases, even death.

As Axolotls are particularly sensitive to changing water parameters, they need to be acclimated slowly. To do this, float the bag containing your Axolotl in your aquarium for at least 30 minutes. This will get your Axolotl used to the temperature of your aquarium slowly and safely.

While doing this, add a small amount of aquarium water to the bag containing your Axolotl every few minutes. This will get them used to your pH levels and background nitrate levels. After acclimating and adding your Axolotl to your aquarium, keep a close eye on them. They may take a while to settle and may not immediately accept food, but after a day or two you should see them start to confidently explore their new home.

You should always set up your aquarium prior to purchasing your Axolotl. It’s also a good idea to let your aquarium mature for at least a few weeks prior to adding your Axolotl, to make sure that it’s fully cycled. For more information about how to cycle an aquarium, check out our help guide here.

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