HabiStat Glass Terrarium 91.4cm x 45.7cm x 60cm

A high-quality terrarium for large arboreal pets

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  • 91.4cm x 45.7cm x 60cm glass terrarium for large arboreal pets
  • Lighting-friendly ventilated mesh roof panel
  • Comes in an easy-to-assemble flat-packed kit
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With lots of features to make reptile keeping easier, this terrarium is ideal for larger arboreal reptiles.

What is the Habistat Glass Terrarium?

The Habistat Glass Terrarium is an outstanding enclosure designed for any reptile, amphibian or invert that needs a humid environment. Unlike a wooden vivarium, this terrarium is made from glass with a mesh canopy at the top to allow UV light and ventilation. These terrariums come in a flat-packed kit with detailed instructions for easy assembly and low-cost shipping.

What are the benefits of this terrarium?

The glass terrariums in the HabiStat range all boast an outstanding design that helps them stand out from other brands. This model features a double door at the front that is easily locked with a turning door knob. Moving to the top of the terrarium, there is also a mesh canopy that can be opened for top-down access.

The sides of the terrarium are blacked out to keep your pets relaxed and to avoid excess stimulation. The doors have also been raised forming a deep area to easily create water pools and burrowing layers of substrate. Finally, there is a specially designed lock in the canopy that allows equipment and wires to be fed in and out without allowing your animals to escape.

How big is this terrarium?

This terrarium is 91.4cm x 45.7cm x 60cm, making it suitable for large reptiles. If you are looking for a different size of glass terrarium you can check our range of Habistat glass terrariums where you will find a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all needs.

How do I set up this terrarium?

To set up this terrarium you will need to add your choice of substrate and decor, such as statues and tropical plants. Depending on the animal you are keeping, you may also need reptile lighting and heating. If you are keeping a pet from a tropical or humid environment you may also need to add a humidifier, this enclosure is set up to work with a wide range of humidifiers.

How do I clean this terrarium?

You will need to regularly check for soiled substrate, removing any you find and replacing it. You will also need to occasionally clean the glass and any decor with a reptile-safe disinfectant, to ensure your pet's home is nice and tidy. However, this enclosure is also suitable for bio-active set-ups which would reduce the need for cleaning to almost nothing.



Brand HabiStat
Dimensions 91.4cm x 45.7cm x 60cm
Colour Black
Suitable for Large reptiles
Assembly Flat-packed
Weight 28kg
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