Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores

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Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores helps your meat loving reptile get a more balanced diet. Much needed calcium features heavily in this reptile food supplement, ensuring they get enough to maintain a healthy skeletal structure.


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Product Information

For carnivorous reptiles, getting a balanced diet that has the correct levels of calcium can be difficult with meat and livefood alone, so use Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores to give them that extra calcium boost they need to stay healthy.

Calcium is extremely important for most reptiles. Without it, they cannot form strong and healthy skeletons, leading to joint problems and eventually Metabolic Bone Disease, which causes deformities and pain, often meaning the reptile needs to be put down.

This Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores is designed to provide your reptile with a more balanced diet, containing not just the calcium for which it is named, but a wide range of vitamins and minerals essential to your reptile.

Easy to apply, just simply 'dust' your reptile's livefood with this supplement, such as crickets, mealworms and locusts.

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