Komodo Kricket Keeper

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Komodo Kricket Keepers are the ideal way of storing your crickets and locusts and keeping them healthy for your reptiles. The better kept your livefood is, the more nutritious they will be for your reptile. Livefood health = reptile health!


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Your reptile's livefood is only as nutritious as it is healthy what is fed to it, and so taking good care of your feeder insects, whether locusts, crickets or anything else is essential to the well-being of your reptile, not to mention the insects themselves. Komodo Cricket Keepers are one of the best places to start keeping care of them.

The best deals on livefood come when you order in bulk, but that means you need somewhere to keep them and that 'somewhere' needs to be a healthy environment where they can thrive and live for longer until your reptile

Komodo Kricket Keepers are the perfect environment in which to keep your livefood healthy and happy before feeding them to your reptile.

Kricket Keepers are make it easy to store and transport your feeder insects, and make it easy to dispense food to your reptile. Each one features a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your crickets from above, as well as the clear plastic sides.

The dispenser sections (the dark cylinders) make it easy to collect the crickets and they have clear caps with flaps that cover the opening when the dispensers are removed, keeping your cricket population secure.


  • Small: 18cm x 11cm x 15cm
  • Large: 32cm x 24cm x 20cm

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