Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar

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Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar is something a bit different that you can offer to your tortoise, to vary their diet and help enrich their day.


  • Tortoise Vegetable Snack Bar
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  • Tortoise Flower Snack Bar Sale
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Product Information

The Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar comes in 2 variations, a Vegetable Bar or a Flower Bar. Each comes with 6 easy break off sections, so you can feed as much or as little as you like. It has a great nutritious hay base, which is great for providing extra fibre to your tortoise. This is a great blend of delicate herbs and flowers or vegetables, which is ideal to add variation and brighten up your tortoises diet.

This 100% natural bar is made in the UK, and is a great way to provide a bit more of a varied diet, and can be fed as is, or crumbled up and dusted over other vegetation, like a topping.

This tortoise snack bar measures at 17cm x 6cm x 2.5cm, and has 6 easy sections to break away to feed in stages.

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