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  • A unique succulent for terrariums
  • Ideal for hot and dry areas
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain
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One of the strangest plants we sell, Lithops are fun and make a spectacular addition to a desert terrarium. Getting friends and family to guess what they are is always fun.

What are Living stones?

Living stones (also known as Lithops) are a particularly unique species of succulent native to Southern Africa. These plants get their name from their distinctive appearance, which looks like a stone with a crack in it or an animal’s hoof when the plant isn’t flowering. These mysterious plants look like rocks for most of the year before spontaneously flowering in the summer and autumn. Coming from Africa, these plants are well suited to arid environments and will thrive in a desert terrarium, such as a Bearded dragon enclosure.

How do you keep Living stones?

Living stones need two things; intense light and heat. These are one of the few plants you can sit right under a heat lamp and be certain they’ll be fine. The plants need very minimal water and occasional checks for parasites but little else in terms of maintenance. If you have an arid terrarium set up they will be easy to care for.

What are Living stones good for?

Living stones are oddities and are excellent for brightening an arid desert enclosure. They look alien and interesting without a flower and bright when they develop their flower. In a plant collection, they make an interesting talking point.





Size - fully grown


Spread - fully grown


Ideal moisture

Very well drained

Ideal pH


Ideal substrate

Compacted sand or soil

Ideal light

Full sun

Country of Origin

Southern Africa

Ideal temperature

Above 18C

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