ProRep Straw Bedding

Compressed straw pellets that provide a soft bedding

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  • Bedding made of compressed straw pellets
  • Loose substrate for burrowing species
  • Great for Tortoises and can be used for large Snakes and Lizards
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Straw Bedding is an ideal substrate for tortoises, made from a hay-based pellet that is comfortable for the tortoise to walk or sit on, and perfectly safe if ingested. This is great for arid set ups, with little humidity, as the straw will soak any moisture up.

This should be spread evenly over the bottom of the enclosure, around 1 - 2" in depth, and spot cleaned as needed, then fully replaced every 2 - 3 weeks, or more if it becomes wet. This high fibre pellet is completely safe if ingested, and are also compostable, for a more eco-friendly substrate choice.

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