ProRep Terrarium Bowl Wood

Wood like finish water bowl

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  • Wood themed bowl for water in reptile terrariums
  • Wood like finish made from durable and non-toxic resin
  • Three sizes available to suit your reptile setup
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ProRep Terrarium Bowls are made of a special resin that provides a realistic wood effect, giving you the same natural look that wood would do, but with better hygiene, as wood tends to warp and collect bacteria, as well as being difficult to clean.

These Wooden Terrarium Bowls look just like a natural pool formed in some broken wood, making your reptile feel more at home and making sure the bowl fits in with the natural effect of your terrarium.

Choose from 4 different sizes, from Small to Extra Large, all at a great price from Swell Reptiles:

  • Small: 9cm x 6cm x 2cm (4" x 3" x 1")
  • Medium: 16cm x 14cm x 3cm (6" x 4" x 1")
  • Extra Large: 28cm x 22cm x 6cm (11" x 9" x 2.5")
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