Repashy Superload Food 85g

Gutloading livefood feed for carnivorous reptiles

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  • Gutloading livefood feed for reptiles
  • Concentrated vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Enhances natural nutrition of livefood
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Your reptiles feeder insects such as crickets and locusts are only as nutritious for your reptile, as the food you feed the bugs themselves. With the Repashy Superload Food, you can increase their nutritional value by using this product for gutloading your insects.

Gutloading involves feeding your live food insects before you put them in feeding proximity to your reptile. This ensures that your reptiles live food meal has the highest nutritional value possible.

Repashy Superload features high levels of calcium, minerals and other trace elements essential to your reptiles health, concealed inside the tissues of your live food insects.

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