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Heat Guards

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Help and advice on shopping for: Heat Guards

Heat guards help and advice

Protect your pets from burns

Heat guards prevent curious reptiles from trying to touch heat bulbs and ceramic heaters. Our range of heat guards includes products from many leading brands including Arcadia, Komodo and ProRep, to protect your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates from burns.

What are heat guards?

A heat guard is a cage that is placed around a heating element, like a bulb or a ceramic heater, to prevent pets from touching it and burning themselves. Heat guards are made from metal so they will even stop large and powerful pets from reaching the light and withstand high heat. Most heat guards also have a fixture to allow you to attach them to the ceiling or wall of your enclosure.

Why should I buy heat guards?

Heat bulbs and ceramic heaters can reach heats as high as a stovetop, even getting close to them could result in serious burns for your pet that could cause long-lasting damage. With a heat guard, you can ensure your pet’s safety while keeping their enclosure at the perfect temperature. Heat guards are quite cheap and are a good investment in any enclosure with a heated element.

What are the main types of heat guards?

All heat guards are pretty much the same with different shapes designed to accommodate different lighting solutions. Before buying a heat guard be sure to check they your bulb or heater and its fitting will fit into the guard.

What should I look for?

There isn’t much more to think about when buying a heat guard. If you want to go the extra mile, consider looking for a mesh that is fine enough to prevent your pet from reaching into the cage and towards the light.