Reptile Systems D3 Reptile T5 6% UVB Lamps

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Give the correct level of UVB and D3 to your Rainforest dwelling reptiles with the Reptile Systems D3 6% T5 lamps! A premium flourencent UVB light at an affordable price.


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Product Information

The Reptile Systems D3 6% UVB lamps are designed specifically for Rainforest dwelling species such as Chameleons, Water Dragons and Crested Geckos. These lamps help your reptile generate vitamin D3 when they bask under it, allowing them to absorb the calcium in their diet and use it to build strong skeletons. This is an extremely important part of reptile keeping, and without D3 UV and calcium, your reptile can develop problems like Metabolic Bone Disease.

These T5 florescent bulbs are much more powerful than standard T8 bulbs and a lot more efficient.

For best results, use with a T5 electronic controller (such as the Arcadia T5 controller) and replace after 1 year of normal use. You can also use the Arcadia T5 Reflectors to make them a little stronger in deeper vivariums.This light will only operate if used with the correct T5 electronic ballast. It is strongly recommended by Reptile Systems to position the UV light 15cm to 20cm away from the reptile.

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