Reptile Systems Eco T5 Unit Zone 3

Easily provides your reptiles with a high-quality light source to meet their UVB needs

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  • All-in-one T5 UVB light system for Ferguson Zone 3 animals
  • Includes bulb, reflector and starter
  • 3 sizes of wattage are available
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The Eco T5 Unit is a revolutionary way of thinking about UV lighting in our modern world. These are sold as Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, and you just need to check to see where you reptile falls in the Ferguson Zone in order to get the perfect lighting they require.

These are available in three lengths, and come equipped with the correct wattage bulb already, in either 24w (570mm), 39w (870mm) or 54w (1170mm). This is a complete plug and play kit, nothing else required, and is super easy to install into your enclosure, through either brackets to the roof of your vivarium, or placed on the top of the mesh top of a terraium.

These are lightweight units, that include the relevant T5 bulb, a built in reflector, and the flicker free ballast unit to power it, all ready to go. The reflector is removable if needed, but offers a powerful wide spread of light across its' highly reflective surface.

These T5 bulbs are High Output, and are designed to replicate the profile of sunlight, producing a full spectrum light with balanced UVA and UVB. These units are powered with easy plug in cords, which can be daisy-chain across multiple units if required, giving you flexibility in installation, as well as which sizes suit you. If you think you need a lower level of UV, check out the Zone 2 model.


  • Eco T5 Unit - bulb & reflector
  • Fixing Kit for installation
  • Link Cable
  • Straight connectors
  • Mains Power Lead

Example of Ferguson Zone 3 Animals: Frilled Lizards, Black & White Tegu, Day Geckos, Yemen Chameleon, Indian Star Tortoise, Leopard Tortoise, Bearded Dragon, Red Eared Slider, Iguanas, Bosc Monitor.

For replacement T5 bulbs for this unit, see the Reptile Systems Zone 3 T5 bulbs here.

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