Reptile Systems Gold Infrared Lamp Unit

The latest technology in reptile lighting

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  • The latest is reptile lighting technology
  • Infrared lamp provides high heat with very little light output
  • Rich in Infrared A and Infrared B
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What is the Reptile Systems Gold Infrared Lamp Unit?

The Reptile Systems Gold Infrared Lamp Unit provides the latest technology in reptile lighting, combining high levels of Infrared A and Infrared B light.

What are the main features of this lamp unit?

  • More energy efficient that comparative basking bulbs, providing a high heat with very low light.
  • Ideal with used with dimming thermostats, controlling the heat your reptiles require.
  • Rich in Infrared A and Infrared B for optimum heat with barely any visible light emitted.
  • Available in 4 sizes, 75W, 100W, 200W, and 400W.
  • Sun-like heat source that reflects heat and is absorbed by surrounding surfaces, providing a natural environment for reptiles. 

The Infrared lighting provides a natural wide range heated area, with a high heat level per wattage and a very low level of visible light emitted. Unlike other heat sources there is no impact from air movement, making it up to 50% more efficient than alternative heating options. 

These Gold Infrared lamps show a gold metallic look when turned off and cold, but warm to a red glow as the heat starts to radiate from them. Available in 75w, 100w, 200w and 400w units, with replacement bulbs readily available, these are a plug-and-play ready to go unit that can be installed straight away. As with any other heat source, these should be used with a thermostat to control the temperature safely so a dimming thermostat is highly recommended. 

The higher temperatures and low wattage make this more energy efficient than standard basking bulbs. Virtually invisible to the human eye, this can be used as the main heat source in your enclosure without impacting day and night cycles, especially if used with a dimming thermostat with timer function such as the Swell Digital Dimming Thermostat, so you can provide a lower night temperature for a natural heat cycle. 

The Infrared heat works by projecting a direct heat over a large area, which is reflected back and absorbed by surfaces in the same way the sun naturally heats the earth. Just like the sun, this provides a warm sensation through skin when near it, and reptiles not only get warmth from above, but from all around and from absorbed heat underneath them too, giving a natural environment for your reptiles to thrive in. 

For the technical information, these Gold lamps provide a spectrum of light from 700nm up to 1400nm (Infrared A) and 1400nm to 3000nm (Infrared B), which is the edge of visible light.

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