Komodo Infrared Thermometer

A quick and easy handheld thermometer for reptile keepers

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  • Germicidal table keeps terrarium fresh and clean
  • Breaks down bad bacteria and deodorises
  • Comes with installation kit for easy setup
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Available at a better price from Swell Reptiles, the Komodo Infrared thermometer is ideal for those keeping multiple reptiles in different habitats, giving you the ability to take accurate and instantaneous temperature measurements all with the same thermometer, one after the other.

Better than spending money on a thermometer for every terrarium or vivarium you own, a Komodo Infrared Thermometer is hand-held, measuring around 9x4cm and allows you to take multiple readings from different vivariums, or from different spots within the same vivarium instantly, using infrared technology in a "point and click" motion.

Accurate, quick and with a clear digital display, it is ideal and far more versatile than ordinary thermometers, allowing you to measure heat elsewhere should you need to.

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