Swell Coconut Hide

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The Swell Coconut Hide brings a touch of the tropical to your terrarium. Made from high quality resin to look like a half coconut shell, it will be perfectly at home in either a desert or rainforest vivarium.


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Product Information

Nothing says tropical like a coconut. The Swell Coconut Hide is a natural looking artificial coconut half that will be loved by your snake or lizard.

Reptiles like a place to hide and this is ideal for smaller geckos, snakes and scorpions. This will look great in a rainforest vivarium, but because of its natural and understated appearance it will also look great in a desert setup.

Because the coconut is made from the highly robust poly-resin it is much more hygienic and easier to clean than a real coconut and will also last longer.

What's more, the Coconut Hide is part of Swell's own brand of products, so you can be sure to make a great saving while still getting the same outstanding level of quality.

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