Swell Nano Ultraviolet Lamp

Efficient UV lighting and heating for small reptiles and invertebrates

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  • 25W small ultraviolet lamp for small reptile and invertebrates
  • Space-saving design with ES screw fitting
  • Creates a small basking spot, ideal for tarantulas
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The Nano Ultraviolet lamp is 25w, and comes with a standard ES screw fitting that will fit with almost any holder. It will provide a good warmth in smaller enclosures, and would be worth using a thermostat with it to ensure optimum safety that it doesn't over heat.

This will provide the warmth to your reptiles, without the bright lights of a basking lamp, ideal for Tarantulas and Scorpion species. We also have a Nano Ceramic Bulb in the range, which may also be suitable for those reptiles that prefer not to be well lit!

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