Swell Premium Extendable Snake Hook

Move medium and large snakes with ease and safety

At a glance...
  • Rounded metal hook that protects against stress and harm
  • Light but very strong
  • Can be stretched from 77cm to 138cm
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What is the Swell Premium Snake Hook?

The Swell Premium Snake Hook is a light but very strong snake hook that is safe for both snakes and their breeders and is suitable for breeding medium and large sized snakes

The Snake Hook can extend from 77cm to 138cm and features a rounded metal hook to protect your snakes from stress and harm

What are the benefits of this Snake Hook?

  • Safe for snakes and their breeders
  • Lightweight snake hook but very strong
  • Stretches from 77cm to 138cm in length
  • Suitable for breeding both medium and large snake species
  • Has a rounded hook to protect from stress and harm
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