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Swell Reptiles Snake Bowl

The perfect place for your snake to relax and chill out

At a glance...
  • A colourful snake bowl for shedding snakes
  • Deep bowl with a rough exterior for climbing
  • Colourful, bright design
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This is the perfect place for your snake to relax and chill out, especially during a difficult and stressful shed.

What is the Swell Reptiles Snake Bowl?

The Swell Reptiles Snake Bowl is a deep water bowl to encourage snakes to drink, bathe and shed. The bowl is made from high-quality resin with a realistic rock finish that offers a smooth non-pitted surface on the inside that your snake can get comfortable in. The bowl is easy to set up, simply bury it in about 1cm of substrate for stability, and designed to blend in with your vivarium.

What are the benefits of this snake bowl?

This snake bowl has a rough exterior that is designed to resemble the scales of a snake, this rough exterior is made from food-grade resin and is very easy for a snake to climb as it gives them plenty to grip onto. The bowl is also quite heavy so it is stable to avoid spilling water or being tipped. The depth of the bowl, 7.5cm, makes it best suited for smaller snakes, such as corn snakes.

How do I maintain a snake bowl?

After a snake has bathed in the snake bowl you should thoroughly clean it and get rid of the water as it will absorb harmful bacteria and dirt from the scales of your snake. As it is a resin bowl it is easily cleaned and you can simply replace the water to be used again. Snakes often also use snake bowls during a difficult shed cycle to help get rid of old scales, these should also be removed as waste from the bowl.



Brand Swell Reptiles
Exterior colour Green and brown
Interior colour Yellow
Depth 7.5cm
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